Why It’s So Important To Keep Your WordPress Store Updated

Why It’s So Important To Keep Your WordPress Store Updated

Most WordPress websites have 10 or more plugins installed that allows the website to function how they were meant to. However, a lot of website owners forget the importance of updating these plugins.

While this is norm, it is important to note that a WordPress website needs to be regularly and consistently updated to the latest running versions. And, it’s not just the Core software that needs require regular updates, but also the plugins, extensions, and themes that enable the website to run smoothly.

Here are the main reasons why you should keep your WordPress website updated:

  1. Increase Website Security
  2. Fix Bugs
  3. Add Features and Functionality
  4. Optimize for Speed

In most cases, updates are issued resolve issues revolving around bug fixes and security vulnerabilities. Hackers and online scammers with malicious intent are always on the lookout for vulnerable websites. And, as WordPress powers around 27% of all websites on the internet worldwide, and accounts for 70% of the CMS market share, WordPress websites are a primary target for data thieves and spammers.

This means that an outdated version of your WordPress core, plugins, extensions, and themes makes your website prone to attacks. To stay safe from being hacked, taken down, or compromised, you need to update!

Why Some Users Get Uncomfortable With Updates?

One of the reasons some WordPress website owners are fearful of updating is because, sometimes, it involves unfortunate incidents, such as your WordPress site breaking down.

When an update does not match or is incompatible well with the existing coding of the site or another plugin, theme, or extension, it can cause your WordPress website to break. This can happen for whole host of reasons, but here are some most common reasons:

  • if one or more WordPress plugins were not following the best practices and coding standards.
  • due to conflicts with other existing plugins or extensions.
  • when you run an old version of the plugin with a new version of the site, or vice versa.

So What Should You Do?

In order to update your WordPress website safely, you need to create a steady and routine way of doing it on a regular basis. Here are some recommended ways of keeping your WordPress website updated:

  1. Have a staging site for your WordPress website
  2. Back up the entire website before major updates
  3. Update all extensions and themes to reduce chances of incompatibility.
  4. Test your website after every major update.

Keep in mind, the maintenance of your website is an important priority both in the short-term, as well as the long-term.

If you have any concerns or comments about updating your WordPress website or carrying out any maintenance activity of your website, share your thoughts with us in the comments and we will get back to you soon!

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